‘Single-use’ named word of the year for 2018

The term ‘single-use’ has been named word of the year, 2018 by Collins Dictionary. The word ‘single-use’, often conjures images of plastic such as straws, bottles and bags adrift in oceans. Such images have been the focus of news stories and documentaries such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II and has contributed to the increased usage of the term ‘single-use’. This has also pointed towards an increase in public awareness of the problems that ‘single-use’ products bring. As a result, the word ‘single-use’ which is defined as “made to be used once only”, has seen a four-fold increase since 2013.

Here at Element Sustainability, the term ‘single-use’ has also become a familiar, everyday term for us as we continue to support Sky UK in their pursuit of removing all single-use plastics from their operations. We are doing this through a combination of monitoring plastic wastage and supporting stakeholders with strategies to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. This is an issue that is personal to all members of the team at Element and so we are excited as we move into 2019 as part of the global ‘Sky Ocean Rescue’ movement and continue to be proactive in our own actions to help fight plastic pollution.

Source: The Guardian

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