Environmental Hope for the Year Ahead

 2019 may prove to be a breakthrough year in terms of the environment and the warming climate. Around the world, public opinion is mobilising with politicians and businesses paying more attention to global environmental crises. In the year ahead, we will witness a series of high-profile events that will engage governments and the public alike. There is the promise of Antonio Guterres, the UN secretary general, to hold a summit for world leaders requiring them to acknowledge the dangers of climate change after his uncompromising warning in Poland that it would be ‘immoral and suicidal’ not to take firm and urgent action.

French President, Emmanuel Macron, is also holding a One World Summit in the summer which will focus on persuading businesses to change the way they use energy, take on leading roles and investing in projects to reduce harmful gas emissions.

There are signs of hope in the rapidly falling costs of renewable energy technology which is now competitive with fossil fuels. Campaigns such as ‘Keep it on the ground’ have succeeded in encouraging many investors to move their money out of fossil fuel stocks. Civil society campaigns which were ramped up in 2018 also look set to increase in momentum in the new year as public opinion leans towards the fact that leaders, governments and businesses should be doing more on vital environmental issues. This can be seen through the rise of veganism and flexitarian eating as more people are seeking to reduce their impact on the climate from eating meat. Through effective movements and actions, more people are refusing to ignore the dangers to the climate and numbers are only increasing.


Source: The Guardian

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