Element Achievements: One Click LCA Summer School

In July, Charles, one of our Sustainability Consultants, attended the online One Click LCA Summer School 2022 to add to his ever expanding LCA knowledge base. This was designed for professionals who wish to gain an understanding of life-cycle assessments (LCA), as well as hands-on experience in performing LCA and carbon assessments using One Click LCA software. Upon completion of the course, attendees were required to achieve a minimum of 90% on the final exam to successfully pass the course, which Charles did so with an impressive score of 95%.

The course was structured into seven two-hour live sessions over the course of a week, covering topics such as One Click LCA software training, optimizing environmental impacts, and construction materials and methods.

By completing this course, Charles has now received the necessary training to conduct Life Cycle Assessments through both One Click LCA and eToolLCD software; both of which are BRE compliant tools and can be used to meet credit requirements for the most popular building certification schemes.

If you have any LCA related queries or would like to discuss conducting an LCA for your project, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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