Design The ‘COP’

Our company director, Laurie had a great day out of the office earlier this week supporting the Year 8 CAD-CAM students at Didsbury High school in their bid to create the winning entry in the ‘Design the COP Building’ competition ( The COP building aims to be Glasgow’s most sustainable, energy efficient building – driving the youth response to the global climate emergency.

The best ideas will be taken forward to inform the use, design and specification of the Education Centre for Our planet (COP) building which is aligned with the forthcoming COP26 summit. It is hoped that the COP26 will help accelerate action towards the Paris (climate change) agreement and UN Framework Convention on Climate change.

We were thrilled to be asked by our client Renaker Build to input into this exciting challenge and help develop the ideas of students at their adopted Didsbury High School in terms of sustainable building, low energy design and renewable energy feasibility. Laurie is looking forward to returning in the summer term to appraise the developed design concepts and refine their final submissions.

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