UK’s official climate change targets should be tightened

There is support for a legal case forcing ministers to shrink carbon emissions to zero by 2050, as the current government goal of an 80% emissions cut is too weak.

Ministers have promised more ambitious climate policies in their forthcoming and long-delayed Clean Growth plan as the government knew the 80% target cut behind that plan was too weak.

18 months ago, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom promised a 100% emissions reduction to keep the UK on track with its obligations under the 2015 Paris climate deal. However, ministers have failed to include the 100% cut within the Climate Change Act.

There are fears, though, that pushing for a zero emissions strategy when the government cannot yet reach its lower target may be counter-productive.

ClientEarth, one of the UK’s most successful environment groups over the past decade, has pioneered the use of the courts to deliver environmental policies. The group, said: “We hope that the claim will help draw attention to the urgency of the challenge we face and ensure that our government keeps its eye on the goals agreed in Paris”. They also stated “that targets do not on their own reduce emissions.”

The group added that the focus now should be ensuring that the Climate Change Act fulfils its purpose.

The government said it would consider the 100% emission cut and respond in due course, they stated that “The UK is a global leader on climate change”.

(Source BBC News)

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