BREEAM Timescales for QA audits and resubmission audits for all BREEAM schemes

The BRE are currently experiencing an increase in service response times for both initial QA audits and resubmission audits of assessments for all schemes. Whilst they aim to provide the best service in terms of both quality and turnaround times, much to their frustration they are not achieving the levels they strive for. The BRE apologises for the delays.

To address this the BRE are currently recruiting a number of additional Quality Assurance auditors, in addition to completing the implementation of QA efficiency improvements to BREEAM Projects. Furthermore, in addition to increasing the pool of auditors in their UK team, there are exploring how their European partner scheme operators could assist.

Current timescales – The current timescales for QA audits are as follows:

Audit type




Administrative check

1 day

3 days

5 days

Technical audit – first submission

3 weeks

6 weeks

8 weeks

Technical audit – resubmission

2 weeks

5 weeks

7 weeks

There will be a degree of variation in the timescales depending on the scheme. The BRE anticipate the current timescales will remain until the summer. Once we have new QA auditing capacity in place, trained and deemed competent, the BRE expect to see an improvement and return to a typical level of 2 weeks or less for a technical audit.

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