Biodiversity Boosted by Beavers

Here are Element Sustainability we love a feel-good news story. That is why we are delighted today with the news that beavers have been re-introduced into Hatchmere Nature Reserve after a 400-year absence. The fact that the Hatchmere Nature Reserve is just a stones throw from the Element Sustainability office makes this announcement even more special for us.

Beavers can bring a vast array of benefits to their eco-systems, such as improving water quality, assisting in carbon sequestration, and helping to prevent flooding. The beavers will undoubtedly spark the public’s interest and hopefully encourage more people to engage with their local wildlife. Although their cute, cuddly looks are enticing, it is important that visitors to the area keep their distance from these wild animals as they establish their new home.

With further re-introduction schemes being planned across other parts of the country, and beaver populations increasing nationally, we look forward to the day when the sight of a wild beaver is a regular feature of one of our staff walks!

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